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How to Contribute to MINIX

This page describes how you can contribute to MINIX.

Finding a Project

See the Wishlist for areas where we could use help.

Contributing Patches

Patches are pieces of code that solve an existing issue. In fact, patches describe the changes between a before and after state. Patches will need to be created against the latest development version of MINIX3 from Git and can be mailed to the MINIX 3 Google Group.

Also see DevelopersGuide/TrackingCurrent and Distributed Git - Contributing to a Project: Public Project over E-Mail

Contributing Packages

Send your pkgsrc patch to the MINIX 3 Google Group. Before generating it, make sure you have updated your pkgsrc git repository.

If you modified the program's source code, please send your MINIX-specific patch to the original authors of the program.

Also see PortingGuide.

Minix License

MINIX 3 is licensed under the BSD license, so we strongly prefer BSD-licensed contributions to our base system, drivers, and the like. If you are porting code to MINIX from another OS, please port BSD-licensed code. For instance, if you are porting a driver to MINIX, you might start with a FreeBSD or NetBSD driver.

The Minix 3 ports use the BSD license for port metadata (build scripts, etc.), but modifications to the original program should use the license of the ported program.

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