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 +===== ACPI =====
 +Support for [[http://​​wiki/​Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface|ACPI]] in Minix has 2 parts, in-kernel code and a userspace driver.
 +==== Kernel ====
 +The in-kernel code is used to locate the ACPI information in memory and export this to userland, discover IO APICs and all CPU in a multi-processor system.
 +==== Userspace ACPI driver ====
 +The userspace driver is based on the [[http://​​|ACPI CA]] library. The library covers the whole ACPI functionality which means that in theory Minix can uses any of the ACPI feature, the functionality is limited though.
 +  * Currently the driver provides interface to discover PCI interrupts routing information only
 +  * Does not register interrupt hooks to handle events
 +It is fairly easy to add interfaces to any other functions as need be. Minix does not have any use for this yet.
 +The main disadvantage of the ACPI driver is that it can access **//any//** system memory and IO ports which is a **//​possible vulnerability//​**. It is not possible to limit the memory acces in the sense of the the isolation policies as implemented in current Minix.
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