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 ==== Magic grants ==== ==== Magic grants ====
-TODO: explain ​magic grants +Magic grants are grants that are made by one process for memory in another process. Right now, the only service that may create magic grants, is VFS. VFS uses magic grants to give other services, like file systems and drivers, direct access to memory in user application processes, for example for read/write operations. Since user application processes themselves can not create grants (this requires service privileges),​ and all driver/​filesystem I/O is mediated by VFS, magic grants ​serve to avoid that VFS needs to copy in and out all data transferred between applications and filesystems/​drivers.
 ===== External documentation ===== ===== External documentation =====
   * [[http://​​docs/​jorrit-herder/​eurosys09-wip-poster.pdf|Original research paper on memory grants]]   * [[http://​​docs/​jorrit-herder/​eurosys09-wip-poster.pdf|Original research paper on memory grants]]
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