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 +====== Useful tools ======
 +MINIX comes with several tools that were created to ease configuration ​
 +and development on MINIX that are not part of any standard and are therefore
 +unlikely to be known to people familiar with other POSIX systems. This page
 +describes these tools. For more in-depth information consult their man pages.
 +===== dev2name =====
 +The //​dev2name//​ tool converts major/minor device numbers into device names.
 +===== dosread and friends =====
 +//​dosread//,​ //​doswrite//​ and //dosdir// allow one to manipulate FAT filesystems.
 +Such tools are needed because they cannot (yet) be mounted.
 +===== isoread and friends =====
 +//isoread// and //isodir// allow one to read files from CD-ROM ISO filesystems.
 +These tools were created before it was possible to mount such filesystems,​
 +but can still occasionally be useful to obtain files quickly or test whether
 +a given device has an ISO filesystem.
 +===== netconf =====
 +The //netconf// utility allows one to change the networking configuration
 +from the options you selected when installing. It allows disable networking,
 +select a different network card (PCI cards are detected, if you have a 
 +non-PCI card you should find out what type of card you have first) and allows
 +one to enable or disable DHCP.
 +===== pkgin =====
 +//pkgin// is available on MINIX 3.1.8 onwards. It allows one to install binary pkgsrc packages. Use //pkgin up// before the first use, then //pkgin av// to find packages and //pkgin in// to install them.
 +===== =====
 +This script is not installed, but found in the tools sub-directory of the source tree. It can be used to create ISO images for installing MINIX. The script is mostly self-documenting,​ but it may give you some errors due to changes in the pkgsrc deployment that have been made over time.
 +====== Obsolete tools ======
 +In addition to these tools which are useful nowadays, MINIX used several
 +other specific tools. Theirs descriptions have been moved into
 +[[.:​obsoletetools| a separate page]].
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