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 +====== The Raccoon Mascot ======
 +MINIX 3 has a mascot: a raccoon. The raccoon was chosen because raccoons are small, agile, intelligent,​ friendly -- and best of all -- eat bugs (at least, when there are no garbage cans available). And, being cute doesn'​t hurt either.
 +| {{http://​​doc/​raccoon.jpg}} |||| {{http://​​doc/​raccoon.jpg}} ||
 +The MINIX 3 raccoon was named Rocky Racoon by Dr. Andrew Tanenbaum.
 +> I’m inclined to call the mascot “Rocky Racoon” due to the alliteration and the suggestion that “Rocky” sounds spunky. It doesn’t relate to the software but neither do “Tux” or “Beastie.”
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