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 +====== Setting Up SSH ======
 +The following steps must be done as //root//.
 +  * [[.:​installingbinarypackages|Install]] OpenSSH<​code>​
 +pkgin install openssh
 +  * Customize settings \\ Optionally, edit ///​usr/​pkg/​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config//​.
 +  * Start //​sshd//<​code>​
 +</​code>​ or <​code>​
 +sh /​usr/​pkg/​etc/​rc.d/​sshd start
 +</​code>​ Security keys will be created automatically.
 +  * If SSH connections fail... \\ Check if the //sshd// daemon is running.<​code>​
 +ps ax | grep sshd
 +</​code>​ Next, check that it's listening to the appropriate port.<​code>​
 +tcpstat -a | grep ssh
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