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 +====== MINIX Release 3.3.0 ======
 +Release date: **September 16, 2014**
 +===== Documentation =====
 +  * [[:​UsersGuide:​]]
 +  * [[:​DevelopersGuide:​]]
 +===== Release Notes =====
 +==== New features ====
 +    * The first release with [[:​developersguide:​minixonarm|ARM support]], three Beagle targets ($45 boards with lots of features and power! More info on specs & where to buy [[http://​​|on the beagle site]]) are supported - build a complete SD card image from scratch using just our source tree and a single shell script invocation!
 +    * Experimental USB support for the Beaglebones (hubs & mass storage)
 +    * Crosscompiling for both ARM and x86 - the buildsystem is [[https://​​package/​show/​home:​beng-nl/​Minix3|very portable]].
 +    * VND: vnode disk (loopback) block driver
 +    * [[:​developersguide:​llvmbitcode|LLVM Bitcode]] build of the system
 +    * Import of LLVM / clang in the sources
 +    * unified block cache shared by FSes and VM
 +    * mmap() allowing more sharing and less copying and lower memory footprint - used significantly by exec() and for all executables and shared libraries
 +==== Improvements ====
 +    * More complete source compatability with NetBSD in terms of utilities, calls, types (lots of 64-bit), toolchain, codebase and packages. All Minix-specific code is in a top-level minix/ subdir.
 +    * [[http://​​pkgsrc/​logs/​3.3.0/​20140810-053139/​meta/​report.html|Updated packages overall - a big set is built now]]
 +    * New input infrastructure:​ input server and keyboard driver separated from TTY
 +    * Packages are dynamically linked now, so they'​re smaller
 +    * Improved driver modularity: UDS separated from PFS; PTY separated from TTY; one controller (not two) per at_wini driver; LOG no longer in the boot image
 +    * The messages have been given a C type per request so all the types are cleaner; and the message size is a bit bigger now so there'​s more room for growth with the bigger types
 +==== Known issues ====
 +  * The isofs driver has been disabled as it is too buggy. isodir, isoread, isoinfo, writeisofs can be used instead.
 +  * X11 is not available currently. Our old version, which was still based off of a monolithic XFree86 Server, broke. We are in the process of importing a current release of Xorg. New X11 packages will be provided as soon as the port will be completed.
 +  * ARM USB
 +      * Dynamic plugin/​unplugin of devices on a USB hub is flaky.
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