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 +===== @''''​ME@ =====
 +Email: ajray AT ARROBASE ncsu DOT ODT edu
 +I'm Alex Ray and I'm a Google Summer of Code student for 2009.  I'll be implementing [[:​soc:​2009:​pmctools|performance monitoring tools]].
 +I enjoy LaTeX, Verilog, Python, C and asm.  I'm a Computer Engineering/​Textile Engineering double major at NC State university in the US.
 +I have a blog: http://​​ I'll be documenting my progress there.
 +You can usually catch me on the IRC channel #minix (ajray on,​ and I'll try to be on the mailing list a lot too.
 +I try to be very personable and approachable,​ so feel free to ping me if you have questions or comments!
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