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MINIX Triage Survey

Please gather the following information for the person helping you. It will save you and them lot of time.

  • How would you describe the problem you're having?
  • Did you install MINIX or are you running it from the live cd?
  • Is it installed on hardware or in a virtual machine?

If virtual, then...

  • What virtual machine (VM) software (Bochs, KVM, QEMU, VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, etc.) are you using?
  • What (host) operating system (BSD-derived, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.) is running the virtual machine?
  • How much RAM does your host OS have?
  • How much free disk space does your host have?
  • How much RAM does your VM have?
  • How large is the disk of your VM?

If on hardware, then...

  • How much RAM does your hardware have?
  • How much disk space does the MINIX partition have?
  • What kind of processor (i386, i586, i686, Intel Pentium II, Intel Xeon, AMD Athlon 64 FX, etc.) does it have?

Your current installation

  • Have you rebuilt MINIX?
  • How much free space remains on each filesystem (run: df)?
  • What kind of network connection is selected in MINIX? Does it work?

Your changes

  • What have you done since you installed MINIX?
  • What packages are installed (run: pkgin list)?
  • Have you updated and then rebuilt MINIX-current?
  • Have you made any modifications to MINIX, including to /usr/src?
  • If so, please describe them.

Thank you!

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