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 +====== BeagleBone ======
 +The [[http://​​support/​index.php?​title=BeagleBone_Weather|BeagleBone Weather]] cape is an expansion board for the [[http://​​Products/​BeagleBone|BeagleBone]]. It enhances the BeagleBone'​s capabilities by providing environment sensors (temperature,​ humidity, pressure, and ambient light level).
 +===== General Overview =====
 +===== weatherstation =====
 +Minix comes with a demo application for the Weather Cape called weatherstation. It's a web application. A tiny web server is automatically started at boot time whenever the weather cape is attached. To use the demo, you just need to plug in the cape and have a working network connection; the system will do the rest.
 +==== Requirements ====
 +  * BeagleBone
 +  * BeagleBone Weather Cape
 +  * Network (doesn'​t have to be connected to the Internet)
 +  * Web Browser with HTML5 support and JavaScript enabled.
 +==== Setup ====
 +This demo is meant to work 'out of the box'. It requires the BeagleBone be
 +connected to the network and have the BeagleBone Weather cape attached at
 +  - Attach the BeagleBone Weather Cape.
 +  - Connect a network cable to the BeagleBone.
 +  - Power on the BeagleBone.
 +  - Configure the network by running these commands. <​code>​
 +# netconf
 +# reboot
 +  - Enter the BeagleBone'​s IP address into your web browser.
 +==== Usage ====
 +This demo is a web application. You just need to point your web browser at
 +the BeagleBone'​s IP address to view a nice display of the sensor values. You
 +can get your BeagleBone'​s IP address by running ''​ifconfig''​ on the BeagleBone.
 +If the address is,​ you'd enter http://​​ into your
 +web browser.
 +===== Accessing Raw Sensor Data =====
 +You can access the raw data via the device files. Simply read from the device file corresponding to each sensor to get the values.The labels and values are delimited by a ':'​ that is located a fixed number of spaces from the start of the line. This should be easy to parse in most programming languages and in shell scripts. Here's some example output:
 +# cat /​dev/​sht21b3s40 ​
 +TEMPERATURE ​    : 29.126
 +HUMIDITY ​       : 45.818
 +# cat /​dev/​bmp085b3s77 ​
 +TEMPERATURE ​    : 28.5
 +PRESSURE ​       : 100432
 +# cat /​dev/​tsl2550b3s39
 +ILLUMINANCE ​    : 830
 +Temperature is measured in [[http://​​wiki/​Celsius|Celsius]],​ humidity is [[http://​​wiki/​Relative_humidity|relative humidity]] expressed as a percentage, pressure is measured in [[http://​​wiki/​Pascal_%28unit%29|Pascals]],​ and light is measured in [[http://​​wiki/​Lux|lux]].
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