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 +====== Harmless Diagnostics ======
 +This page describes various diagnostics produced by the networking and
 +the PCI code that can be safely ignored.
 +=====  dp8390: strange, got SYN_ALARM ​ =====
 +The dp8390 driver got a message about an expired timer. But the
 +driver does not use any timers. This is probably a small bug in the
 +timer library. The message can be safely ignored (but it is better
 +to fix the library).
 +===== (warning) unsupported ISA bridge ... =====
 +Another harmless diagnostic. At the moment the information provided
 +by the ISA bridge is not needed.
 +===== pci: ignoring bad value 0x7000 in sts for QEMU =====
 +Either QEMU does not emulate the hardware correctly or there is a
 +bug in the MINIX 3 PCI code. This error will be ignored for QEMU.
 +===== do_copy: got request from... =====
 +Some driver uses the general copy method rather than safecopy.
 +The request is performed and everything should work normally,
 +but the driver will need to be modernized at some point in the future.
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