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-====== Installation Troubleshooting ====== 
-<div round info> 
-This document has gone stale. 
-In particular, the workaround below uses obsolete command. 
 ===== Using two disks ===== ===== Using two disks =====
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-installboot_nbsd -master /dev/c0d0 /​usr/​mdec/​mbr+installboot_nbsd -master /dev/c0d1 /​usr/​mdec/​mbr
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-This command will install a proper MBR on drive and you+This command will install a proper MBR on drive and you
 should not have any more problems. should not have any more problems.
 +**If you are using only one disk but it don't boot for some reasson** you can issue the above command too, changing
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