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 Save the file and copy it to ///​usr/​pkg/​X11R6/​lib/​X11/​xorg.conf//​. Save the file and copy it to ///​usr/​pkg/​X11R6/​lib/​X11/​xorg.conf//​.
 +=== Shared Folders ===
 +VMWare shared folders are supported in much the same way as VirtualBox ones. After defining a shared folder, simply mount it with:
 +''​mount -t hgfs -o share=NAME none /​mnt''​
 +Then you can access it under:
 + ''​cd /​mnt/​NAME''​
 ===== Workarounds ===== ===== Workarounds =====
 ==== Lance workaround ==== ==== Lance workaround ====
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