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Magic Debugging Keys

These keys trigger diverse low-level information dumps. They are handled by the information server (is) and contains mostly kernel and core services state dumps.

Due to the copious amount of text triggered by the magic debugging keys, most of them only outputs a screen's worth of contents at a time. If you see –more– at the bottom of the screen, you can hit the magic debug key again to continue the output.

The list of currently available magic debugging keys may be queried with Shift + F5.

Note: Function keys are only valid from the first console (ttyc0).

Function key mappings

key Description
F1 Kernel processes table
F2 Processes memory maps
F3 System Image
F4 Processes privileges
F5 Boot monitor parameters
F6 IRQ hooks and policies
F7 Kernel messages
F8 VM status and process maps
F10 Kernel parameters
F11 Timing details (if enabled)
Shift + F1 Process manager process table
Shift + F2 Signals
Shift + F3 Filesystem process table
Shift + F4 Device/Driver mapping
Shift + F5 Print keys mappings
Shift + F6 Reincarnation server process table
Shift + F8 Data store contents
Shift + F9 Processes with stack traces
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