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Overview of MINIX3 servers and drivers

System components loaded in boot image:

  • kernel: Kernel + clock + system (+ idle + asyncm) + IPC
  • pm: Process manager
  • vfs: Virtual File system
  • rs: Reincarnation Server - (re)starts servers and drivers
  • memory: RAM disk driver
  • sched: Scheduler server
  • tty: Console and keyboard driver
  • ds: Data Store Server
  • vm: Virtual Memory manager
  • mib: Management Information Service server - handles sysctl
  • pfs: Pipe File System server
  • mfs: Minix File System server - for the ramdisk
  • init: parent of all user processes

Loaded by /etc/rc:

  • pci: PCI bus driver
  • input: Keyboard/mouse input server (/dev/kbdX, dev/mouseX)
  • pckbd: Keyboard driver
  • floppy: Floppy driver(if booted from hard disk) (/dev/fdXpY)
  • at_wini or ahci: Disk controller driver (/dev/cXdYpZsW)
  • procfs: Process File System server
  • is: Information server (for debug dumps)
  • readclock.drv: manipulate the hardware real time clock
  • devman:  device manager for hot-plugging of hardware (with devmand daemon) (/sys)
  • lance: NIC driver
  • inet or lwip: TCP/IP protocol stack server (/dev/ethX /dev/ipX /dev/tcpX )
  • random: Random number generator (/dev/random)
  • pty: pseudo terminal driver (/dev/ptypX)
  • uds: Unix Domain Sockets driver (for /dev/uds)
  • ipc: Sys V IPC server (exists parallel to native minix IPC in kernel)
  • log: Buffers log output (/dev/klog)
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