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Line 11: Line 11:
   * **tty**: Console and keyboard driver   * **tty**: Console and keyboard driver
   * **ds**: Data Store Server   * **ds**: Data Store Server
-  * **mfs**: Minix File System server 
   * **[[vminternals|vm]]**:​ Virtual Memory manager   * **[[vminternals|vm]]**:​ Virtual Memory manager
 +  * **mib**: Management Information Service server - handles sysctl
   * **pfs**: Pipe File System server   * **pfs**: Pipe File System server
 +  * **mfs**: Minix File System server - for the ramdisk
   * **init**: parent of all user processes   * **init**: parent of all user processes
Line 21: Line 22:
   * **pckbd**: Keyboard driver   * **pckbd**: Keyboard driver
   * **floppy**: Floppy driver(if booted from hard disk) (/​dev/​fdXpY)   * **floppy**: Floppy driver(if booted from hard disk) (/​dev/​fdXpY)
-  * **at_wini**:​ Disk controller driver (/​dev/​cXdYpZsW)+  * **at_wini** or **ahci**: Disk controller driver (/​dev/​cXdYpZsW)
   * **procfs**: Process File System server   * **procfs**: Process File System server
   * **is**: Information server (for debug dumps)   * **is**: Information server (for debug dumps)
Line 27: Line 28:
   * **devman**:  device manager for hot-plugging of hardware (with devmand daemon) (/sys)   * **devman**:  device manager for hot-plugging of hardware (with devmand daemon) (/sys)
   * **lance**: NIC driver   * **lance**: NIC driver
-  * **inet**: TCP/IP protocol stack server (/dev/ethX /dev/ipX /dev/tcpX )+  * **inet** or **lwip**: TCP/IP protocol stack server (/dev/ethX /dev/ipX /dev/tcpX )
   * **random**: Random number generator (/​dev/​random)   * **random**: Random number generator (/​dev/​random)
   * **pty**: pseudo terminal driver (/​dev/​ptypX)   * **pty**: pseudo terminal driver (/​dev/​ptypX)
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