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pkgsrc upstreaming


Minix uses pkgsrc as its primary package manager. The master branch of Minix's pkgsrc.git repository contains a pristine copy of the official pkgsrc repository. The minix-master branch contains a copy of the master branch with the Minix specific changes applied. The goal is to get all of the Minix specific changes into the official upstream pkgsrc repository which is developed and maintained by the NetBSD project. However, there is some work to be done to get the changes in shape for upstream acceptance. This page is used to organize the upstreaming effort.

Upstreaming Status

Status of pkgsrc Minix Support

The core pkgsrc infrastructure was modified to work on Minix. There are a number of files and core packages that need to be upstreamed. Those are listed below.

TODO / In Progress

There are some oldish bug reports that need to be resolved. tcort is working on them with upstream. Just put “Minix” into the Search Text on the PR query form:

databases/sqlite3 Instead of applying the submitted patch, the upstream developer typed in the ifdef. This resulted in a typo “minux” instead of “minix”. I'll have to submit a fix for that.
devel/libtool High priority since this package is always a problem when syncing pkgsrc. I've joined the libtool-patches mailing list and sent in the patches.
games/nethack-lib Imported usr.bin/col from NetBSD (was required for the build), sent this patch to “The_DevTeam” (#H2882).
security/openssl Fairly high priority since this package is sometimes a problem when syncing pkgsrc. I'm preparing the patches to submit.


The following files/packages have been upstreamed to pkgsrc since the last time we synced with upstream.


The following files/packages have Minix specific changes that have been upstreamed to the original authors. In most cases, after the next sync we will be able to drop some or all of the minix specific changes.

editors/ed Next version should work on Minix without changes. The pkgsrc maintainer said he would do a version bump soon. Remember to drop the Minix changes next sync with upstream pkgsrc.
editors/vim-share Patch accepted, fix in version 7.3.1007
devel/ncurses Patch accepted upstream – it's in the source snapshots. With the next release, we should be able to drop all Minix specific changes for this package in pkgsrc. Unsure when the next release will be and when pkgsrc will adopt it.
shells/tcsh Patches accepted upstream (Bug Report #240). With the next release, we should be able to drop all Minix specific changes for this package in pkgsrc.

Status of Individual Packages

You can generate a list of packages with minix specific changes using this command:

$ git diff master minix-master | egrep "\+\+\+|\-\-\-) " | cut -d ' ' -f 2 | egrep -v "(/dev/null|\.gitignore)" | cut -d '/' -f 2 ||| sort | uniq | egrep -v "mk|minix|bootstrap)"
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