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The MINIX 3 Test Suite

The MINIX 3 sources include a test suite in minix/tests. Primarily, it tests POSIX conformance. This page describes how to run the test suite.

Compile the test suite within MINIX 3

Supposing you have cloned the Minix source code in /usr/src, type at the command prompt (#)

# cd /usr/src/minix/tests
# make
# make install

and wait until it completes all the compilations. The tests will be installed in /usr/tests/minix-posix/.

Run the test suite

To test the system, type

# cd /usr/tests/minix-posix
# ./run

to run the test programs.

Note: the full test set will be performed only when you are root, so you should start the ./run script as root.

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