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How to Contribute to MINIX

This page describes how you can contribute to MINIX.

Finding a Project

See the Wishlist for areas where we could use help.

Contributing Patches

Patches are pieces of code that solve an existing issue. In fact, patches describe the changes between a before and after state. Patches will need to be created against the latest development version of MINIX3 from Git (or from the official mirror on GitHub).

We prefer patches in the form of pull requests on GitHub. If for some reason you are not able to create a GitHub pull request for your patch, you can send it to the MINIX3 Google Group instead, but merging patches is a bit more work for us that way.

Also see the wiki page on tracking MINIX3-current.

Contributing Packages

Send your pkgsrc patch to the MINIX 3 Google Group. Before generating it, make sure you have updated your pkgsrc git repository.

If you modified the program's source code, please send your MINIX-specific patch to the original authors of the program.

Also see PortingGuide.

Minix License

MINIX 3 is licensed under the BSD license, so we strongly prefer BSD-licensed contributions to our base system, drivers, and the like. If you are porting code to MINIX from another OS, please port BSD-licensed code. For instance, if you are porting a driver to MINIX, you might start with a FreeBSD or NetBSD driver.

The Minix 3 ports use the BSD license for port metadata (build scripts, etc.), but modifications to the original program should use the license of the ported program.

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