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This page is for if you're looking for projects.

This page is not for if you want others to do projects.

This Wiki

  • An improved FAQ (by going through the newsgroup archives to find common questions)
  • More documentation for developers
  • Fix wiki formatting
  • Improve / Update Stale pages

Beginner-level Tasks

Intermediate-level Tasks

  • Change the system to generate and support MINIX3 installation CDs with one single isofs-mountable partition (worked on, see pull request)


  • Single image boot (e.g. put kernel and modules in a single file and integrate parameter). owner: beng (load addresses disapear, possible to boot pxe, allow to create large ramdisk, no need for duplication of kernel parameters,faster TFTP boot, possibility to boot MINIX using the uboot boot command, use ATAG (to get amount of memory from boot loader), Allow to create self updating system e.g. put an sd-image let MINIX boot and write the MMC card)
  • Code deduplication, move pagetable etc).
  • Allow to build different builds using the same source tree
  • Make eMMC work on the BBB (Make it use 8 bit mode)
  • ARM: Test MMC
  • ARM: implement ASID/context-id register usage to reduce TLB flushes. owner: beng


  • USB-storage
  • Bluetooth
  • Filesystems (XFS, ZFS, NTFS, btrfs, ext3/4, …)


We have a few problems here:

  • ARM: Drivers currently need to grant them self access to memory regions
  • system.conf will not scale for multiple platforms
  • Community related/needs design:
  • We should have a nice and easy demo for handling GPIO and other things. First could be to write a small example app and post it on the
  1. Ideally we should also rewrite the GPIO lib to communicate with a server.
  • Debugging tutorials (magic keys)

Luxury (?) items to remember

  • single-step execution (for e.g. STEP ptrace) on ARM
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