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The Raccoon Mascot

MINIX 3 has a mascot: a raccoon. The raccoon was chosen because raccoons are small, agile, intelligent, friendly – and best of all – eat bugs (at least, when there are no garbage cans available). And, being cute doesn't hurt either.

www.minix3.org_doc_raccoon.jpg www.minix3.org_doc_raccoon.jpg

The MINIX 3 raccoon has no name yet; so, in the spirit of open names, we would like MINIX 3 users to come up with a name. Robert Raccoon? Roberta Raccoon? Roger Raccoon? Andrew Raccoon? Raccoox? Racux? Suggest your own name. Need some inspiration? Here are some useful resources: List of fictional raccoons, Raccoon Name Generator, Yahoo! Answers, Exotic Pet Names

  • Astro (starts with AST)
  • Astra
  • Bandit
  • Beefy
  • Bengy
  • Bugeat
  • Buggie
  • Bugeater
  • Con, i liked the sound of con coon, (plus it's a short name for someone i love dearly) .
  • Coo
  • Dimix
  • FABIS, the raccoon (friendly agile bug-eating intelligent small)
  • Fabrizio (one with skillful hands)
  • Hackoon
  • Hax
  • Jan M. van Rakenbaoem
  • Mapachito (“Small raccoon” in Spanish)
  • Marty
  • Max
  • Mina
  • Minnie - as in a “mini” kernal. Probably about time for a female mascot as well…
  • Mix
  • Mux (Note that, in electrical engineering, “MUX” also stands for “multiplexer” – MINIX behaves a bit like a “software multiplexer”.)
  • Pax
  • pikpik (+1)
  • Ralph
  • Ravage
  • Rax
  • Razzie
  • Reliable Ringtail (nickname: “Ring”)
  • Rise (Alliteration with raccoon, robust, reliable, restoring, etc. and hinting at the Resurrection Service. Also possibly “Risen”, but “Rise Raccoon” flows more nicely. Alternatively, “Rize” may lend to a more unique spelling for a name.)
  • Rix
  • Robbie
  • Rock - as in solid/stable, and the short form of “Rocky”, friendly/fun.
  • Rocky
  • Tiny
  • Wasbeer
  • Samm - Samm's A Minix Mascot - and Samm can be a girl or a boy, (also Samm is a: Small Agile Minix Mascot - you have to use minix to find out how Intelligent and Friendly it is. Oh and it eats bugs! :) ).
  • Fix - It eats bugs and take care of business.
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