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The MINIX 3 Test Suite

The MINIX 3 sources include a test suite in /usr/src/test. Primarily, it tests POSIX conformance. This page describes how to run the test suite.

Compile the test suite

To test MINIX 3, at the command prompt (#) type

cd /usr/src/test

and wait until it completes all the compilations.

Run the test suite

To test the system, type

cd /usr/src/test

to run the test programs. Note: the full test set will be performed only when you are root, so you should start the “run” script as root. The script will perform some tests as the “bin” user, and it will automatically change the owner of the /usr/src/test directory to “bin” for that purpose. If you really want to run the script as a non-root user, make sure to perform that step manually first.

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