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Running MINIX 3 on Parallels

This page describes the process of installing MINIX 3 on VirtualBox.


Please install Parallels. Parallels binaries can be downloaded from their webpage.

Virtual Machine Setup

Before you install Minix 3, you will need to create a new virtual machine configuration. The VM configuration specifies the parameters of your Virtual machine, e.g., how much memory you want the VM to use, how big you want the virtual hard disk to be, etc.

In the main screen of Parallels, press the New VM button.

  1. Press Next in the Welcoming Screen.
  2. At the first screen of New Virtual Machine Wizard, select Create a typical VM.
  3. Next, for both Guest OS Type and Guest OS Version, select Other.
  4. For Virtual Machine Name, write MINIX3 (anything would work). Then, press Finish.


Assuming you have downloaded and decompressed a MINIX 3 ISO image from the download page, you can mount the ISO file:

  1. Select CD/DVD ROM 1 on the list on the list Resources.
  2. Select the option Use Image File and at the Image File menu, browse to the .iso image you extracted earlier.
  3. Press OK.

Ok now you are ready to fire-up Minix! Press the green Power On Button on the menu on the right.

Then you can follow the normal installation instructions.

When the installation is over, type


to exit Minix. When you get the fd0> prompt, press the red Power Off from the right menu, in order to shutdown the Virtual Machine.

Booting MINIX 3

Now you have installed MINIX 3 on the virtual machine. First thing that needs to be sorted, is that next time you boot, you want to boot from the operating system, and not from the CD image.

  1. Select CD/DVD ROM 1 on the list on the list Resources.
  2. Select the option Use real CD/DVD-ROM.
  3. Press OK.

Great, now you can boot into the newly installed operating system by press the green Power On button on the right menu.

Post-install Configuration

You should read Post Installation for some configuration tips.

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