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MAN pages for administrators

add_route(8) - configure IP routing
adduser(8) - add a new user to the system
backup(8) - backup files
badblocks(8) - put a list of bad blocks in a file
boot(8) - from power on to the login prompt
checkhier(8) - check the directory hierarchy
chown(8) - change owner
cleantmp(8) - clean out a tmp dir
config(8) - configuring MINIX 3 tasks and servers
cron(8) - clock daemon
dhcpd(8) - dynamic host configuration protocol daemon
dosminix, mkfile (8) - Running MINIX 3 under DOS
elvprsv(8) - Preserve the the modified version of a file after a crash
fdisk(8) - partition a hard disk [IBM]
fingerd, in.fingerd (8) - remote user information server
ftpd, in.ftpd, setup.anonftp (8) - DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
getty(8) - system login banner
halt(8) - abruptly stop the system
ifconfig(8) - configure a TCP/IP device
inet, inet.conf (8) - TCP/IP server
init(8) - grandparent of all processes
installboot(8) - make a device bootable
intr(8) - run a command with interrupts enabled
irdpd(8) - internet router discovery protocol daemon
mkdist(8) - make a MINIX 3 distribution
mknod(8) - create a special file
monitor, edparams (8) - load and start MINIX 3, modify boot parameters
nonamed(8) - not a name daemon, but acts like one
part(8) - partition table editor
partition(8) - make a partition table
pr_routes(8) - show IP routing
printroot(8) - print the name of the root device on standard output
pwdauth(8) - password authentication program
rarpd(8) - reverse address resolution protocol daemon
rdate(8) - set time and date from a remote host
readclock(8) - read the AT's real time clock
reboot(8) - reboot the system immediately
repartition(8) - load a partition table
rlogind, in.rlogind (8) - remote login server
rshd(8) - remote shell server
screendump(8) - write current console screen to standard output
serial-ip(8) - Serial IP (SLIP or PPP) setup
service(8) - Start or stop an operating system server or device driver
setup(8) - Install MINIX 3 on a hard disk
shutdown(8) - graciously close the system down
slip(8) - Serial Line IP
srccrc(8) - compute CRC checksums of the entire source tree
sync(8) - flush the cache to disk
update(8) - periodically write the buffer cache to disk
usage(8) - installing and using MINIX

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