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 +====== Pushing MINIX 3's reliability architecture to application space ======
 +Student: Not assigned yet\\
 +Owner: Cristiano Giuffrida <​>​\\
 +SVN branch name: N/A\\
 +===== Abstract =====
 +The Minix 3 reliability architecture is designed to offer advanced functionalities to system processes, such as: (i) a dependable IPC subsystem based on message-passing;​ (ii) proactive and reactive failure detection and recovery; (iii) safe memory copying / mapping; (iv) general-purpose data store with a publish-subscribe interface; (v) live update. While most of these functionalities are critical to achieve hard reliability guarantees for system processes, some of them can be also extremely useful to build complex, dependable, modular user applications. This project is to design and implement an API to expose some of the functionalities part of the reliability architecture to applications in a protected manner. Scalability and security are major concerns in this project.
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