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Student Projects

Within our ongoing research work on MINIX 3, we frequently have open subproblems that can be assigned to computer science students as term project (MSc or BSc), individual programming assignment (IPA), or operating system lab course replacement. A list of open projects can be found on this page. If you're interested in any of the listed projects, please send an e-mail to the owner of the project to make an appointment. The list below is just intended to give you an idea about the kind of projects we would be interested in. It is possible to propose your own projects. Just let any of us know that you are interested in doing a MINIX 3 project and we will work out the details.

Projects relating to Live Update and Dependability

Projects relating to the Next-Generation Storage Stack (Loris)

Owner: David van Moolenbroek < > / Raja Appuswamy < >

Projects relating to increasing modularity of Minix

Owner: Tomáš Hrubý < > / Dirk Vogt < >

Projects relating to Minix performance

Owner: Andy Tanenbaum < >

  • Making a benchmarking suite and benchmarking MINIX 3 performance

Completed Projects

Several bachelor and master's theses projects have been successfully completed already. See the Publications page for more details and PDFs of the theses.

MINIX 3 also particpated in Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) as of 2008. There is a separate wiki page describing SummerOfCode, including information on how to get involved.

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