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 +====== A generic unit testing infrastructure for multiserver operating systems ======
 +Student: Not assigned yet\\
 +Owner: Cristiano Giuffrida <​>​\\
 +SVN branch name: N/A\\
 +===== Abstract =====
 +A robust unit testing infrastructure is crucial for the development of
 +operating systems that strive to maintain very strong dependability guarantees. As operating systems become more complex and tend to evolve more quickly, maintaining an appropriate unit testing infrastructure is very challenging. On the other hand, recent advances in operating system and software engineering research have demonstrated the possibility of describing both message-passing protocols and unit tests in a well-defined generic format. This project is to leverage the latest development in such research areas to design a generic unit testing infrastructure for a multiserver operating system. The goal is to let developers define and maintain unit tests for each operating system component with very little effort, as well as produce parametrized unit tests that can conveniently describe and document the interface of a given component.
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