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Jacob Adams

Who am I?

I am Tookmund on Github and Freenode

Goals in MINIX

These are things I would like to see happen, not necessarily things I myself can do.

  • Run MINIX on as many ARM chips as possible
    • Create a simple way to port MiNIX
  • Simpler network setup
    • Create loopback device
    • Add wifi support
  • Better X.Org support
    • add /dev/agpgart and other video interfaces
    • Port more window managers
      • IceWM
      • XFCE4
      • GNOME
      • KDE
      • etc.
  • More user-friendly configuration
    • autonetconf
    • alternate install disk that launches X11 on startup
  • Develop MINIX on MINIX
    • Port newer version of GIT
    • Port Firefox, Midori, or other modern browser that can use Github and Gerrit
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