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This page contains my wishlist / tasks I am working on as well as some random notes.


Current status

Here is an overview of the current status of the task I am currently working on.

IPC Messages

  • Some cleanup in the struct messages we are using, especially the ones which are exchanged between userland and the servers. It is done with a few exception which are not userland facing, and the exception of USB-related services.


The following is as much a todo list as random notes.

In Progress

  • Wiki
    • Document
    • Cross-building & Building
    • NetBooting
    • Using SharedLibs

Next up

  • Kyua Import does not run on ARM yet.
    • Currently fails to build
      • icu on clang based builds
      • gdk-pixbuf2
      • gtk2
      • gmp on clang based builds, up to gcc45
      • p5-Module-Build

Maybe later?

  • Toolchains
    • Check LDFLAGS
    • Check _PROGLDOPTS
    • ARM
      • GOLD patch for ARM?
  • LWIP
    • dhcp
    • bind
    • Remove INET
    • dhclient
  • Build System Upgrade
    • Check Targets install, sourcesets
    • Target syspkgs does not work
    • Check Target iso-image-source
    • Check Targets release | iso-image | live-image (HD image) | install-image
    • Create proper sets (base, etc, man, and so on) with packages
    • Generate ISO from build System
  • Dynamic base system?
  • Soft RT?
  • Kernel threads?
  • Efficient SMP?
  • Fix DT_TEXTREL warning

I am thinking about

  • ARM
    • Console over Framebuffer
    • Hard FP support and ensure:
      • -march=armv7-a
      • -mfloat=hard
      • -mfpu=vfpv3-d16
    • Domain IDs for main servers + Mappings in User processes
    • ASID tagging (Beng's patch may be ok now?)
  • INTEL/x86_32
    • VGA/VESA Framebuffer (Higher text resolutions)
    • Console over Framebuffer

Towards an optional POSIX layer for MINIX?

In some embedded scenario, there is no need for all the POSIX APIs. I think that given MINIX structure, it should be possible to have a system without even filesystem support for example. In such systems all the functionnality required is simply implemented through a set of specific (and adhoc) services.

Because of interdependencies in our current services (VM, VFS, PM, RS) it is not possible at the moment to reduced the system to a bare minimum of just the microkernel, a few drivers, VM, and RS.

# Server re-organisation, if we aim one day to have a smaller subset without 
# posix support.
# Not possible without right now, the servers have some inter-dependencies.
├── devman	# Not sure where to place this, posix or system?
├── input	# ditto
├── posix
│   ├── init
│   ├── ipc
│   ├── pm
│   ├── sched
│   └── vfs
└── system
    ├── ds
    ├── is
    ├── rs
    └── vm

Email: lionel AT SPAM FOR FREE minix3 TEST DOT org

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