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GNU Development Tools

You can install many of the GNU development tools on MINIX by using pkgin or pkgsrc.

They have more packages than mentioned below.

GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)

GCC is available in both source code (pkgsrc) and ready-to-install (pkgin) forms. GCC no longer works on MINIX.

Other Development Tools

GNU flex is already available (since it is not under GPL license.)

If you installed the development tools, you might already have the following packages:

  • binutils

You can also install the following tools. They are useful if you plan on building third-party programs originating from the Linux world:

  • autoconf
  • automake
  • gawk, GNU awk
  • bash
  • bison
  • gettext
  • libtool
  • (GNU) m4
  • gmake, GNU make
  • gtexinfo
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