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Wiki Guide

This guide will serve as intro to the MINIX 3 wiki. It will tell you how to navigate and modify this wiki.


Here are some good starting points if you're new to the wiki:

Contributing to the Wiki

Please contribute to this wiki. With your help, we can create some great documentation for MINIX 3. If you have ideas for documentation, please go ahead and add your content to the wiki. If you would like to discuss your ideas, send a message to the Google Group.

Please register as a wiki user (and log in), so that you may edit pages in this wiki. Please use FirstnameLastname (e.g., AndyTanenbaum) as your account ID. If you already have an account, please log in.

How to edit this Wiki

This wiki is running the Dokuwiki wiki software. Their Syntax page lists all the available markup elements.


Here are some formatting guidelines. Please follow them so that the entire handbook has the same look and feel. You should browse through the wiki to get the feel of things; use the Preview button to check that your change look as intended.

  • Please use CamelCase links such as UsersGuide, as opposed to links with underscores.
  • Start each page with a mixed-case title like this (analogous to <h1> in HTML):
   = Title =
  • Divide your page into sections, each starting with a mixed-case header like this (analogous to <h2>):
   == Introduction ==
  • Further subdivisions should be mixed-case like this:
   === How to Get Started ===

Note that, for all headings, there must be a space after the equal signs at the beginning of the heading, and a space before the equal signs at the end of the headings. Trailing white space at the end of a heading is forbidden!

  • Link to other wiki pages like this:
   [[.:nameofpage|Text to Display]]
  • Link to Web pages like this:
   [[|MINIX 3 documentation]]
  • Program names among normal text should be in italics, like this:
  • Program names inside example code should be in plain text.
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