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MINIX 3 Consulting Available

The Minix BSD license is very product-friendly - using it as a base for any project or product creates no obligations (unlike the GPL).

On this page you will find a list of consulting developers available for hire.

Please note: consultants are listed on this page at their own request, and are not necessarily endorsed by The MINIX project.

Developers for hire

Ben Gras (Shrike Systems)

Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Expertise Kernel and lowlevel userspace: development, debugging, troubleshooting, performance optimization
Experience Worked on many parts of Minix systems code, userland and supporting infrastructure fulltime for 9.5 years. Worked on many new features, improvements and integrating external code. Raised debugging systems code to an art form.
Programming languages C, various assembly languages, shell, some scripting languages
Spoken languages English, Dutch

David van Moolenbroek

Location The Netherlands
Note Large projects only. Resume available upon request.
Expertise Kernel, userspace, especially the service layer (servers and drivers)
Experience Researched, implemented, and published about storage stack reliability. Wrote several device drivers, including an AHCI storage driver, network drivers, and various pseudo storage drivers. Rewrote the network stack. Wrote a new disk-backed file system and several pseudo file systems. Designed and reworked abstraction libraries for several classes of drivers and their users. Added various forms of reliability support. Designed the VFS multithreading model. Substantially reworked the signal handling and process tracing logic. Authored many other improvements all over the system, in a total period of 11 years so far (since 2006).
Programming languages C, various assembly languages, shell, scripting languages
Spoken languages English, Dutch

John-Mark Gurney

Location Oakland, California
Programming languages C, Python, various assembly languages, shell, some other scripting languages
Spoken languages English

JP Embedded

Location Cracow, Poland
Expertise JPEmbedded is a company offering embedded systems design, implementation and testing services. We have extensive experience in areas that include: Communication protocols (Ethernet, TCP/IP, USB, Wireless), Industrial automation (PROFINET), Image processing on DSP and FPGA platforms, Device drivers development, Automated testing of safety critical software which must conform to SIL standard, Hardware design and prototyping.
Experience During our work on the Minix project, we did the following: driver for LAN8710A chip, used on BeagleBone boards for network access, set of DDEKit based (as IPC/threading layer) USB drivers, to work on BeagleBone boards: HCD driver, using MUSBHDRC as the host controller, USB mass storage device class driver, USB hub class driver.
Programming languages C, C++, java, python…
Spoken languages English, Polish, German
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