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Official releases - x86 - CD images

Trying MINIX 3 is easy. You just download the compressed CD image file, decompress it, and burn it to a CD-ROM. This CD is a live CD. You can boot your computer from it and a few seconds later you log in as root. You do not have to install MINIX 3 to the hard disk to test it. If you decide you want to install it, you then have to create a hard disk partition for it (1GB to do anything useful) and start the live CD again and run setup. Please note that on x86, MINIX3 does not support USB at all (yet!). Proceed as follows:

Version Medium Image Image Torrent md5sum
3.3.0 (stable release) CD-ROM 288 MB torrent 3234ffcebfb2a28069cf3def41c95dec
3.2.1 (previous) CD-ROM 256 MB torrent 4c91ba7822cfa441d27755a7e7c4711d
  • Decompress the downloaded file to get a .iso file and the Installation guide (same as above).
  • Burn this bootable CD-image file to a CD-ROM.
  • Reboot the computer with the CD-ROM device and follow the instructions in the installation guide.
  • If you are using VirtualBox and have trouble booting the system, follow the instructions here.

Official releases - ARM - SD card images

We have prebuilt images.

  • 3.3.0 BBXM image
  • 3.3.0 Beaglebone black & beaglebone white image

To crossbuild for ARM, see here to see all the steps.

Development snapshots

Development snapshots are available at the dev snapshots page.

Previous Versions

For older versions of MINIX, please see the previous versions page.

Known bugs

For a list of known bugs in releases, see the known bugs list.

Decompressing the Image

The best known lossless compression algorithm is implemented in the bzip2 program. It also has extremely fast decompression. The popular 7zip archiver for Windows supports it too.

If you do not have the compression (bzip2) and decompression (bunzip2) software, here it is for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Here is the source tarball. Bzip2 is also contained in the MINIX 3 distribution. The zip versions are provided as emergency backup in case you cannot get bzip2 running.

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