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 For a list of known bugs in releases, see the [[https://​​Stichting-MINIX-Research-Foundation/​minix/​issues|known bugs list]]. For a list of known bugs in releases, see the [[https://​​Stichting-MINIX-Research-Foundation/​minix/​issues|known bugs list]].
-===== Decompressing the Image ===== 
-The best known lossless compression algorithm is implemented in the [[http://​​|bzip2 program]]. It also has extremely fast decompression. The popular [[http://​​download.html|7zip]] archiver for Windows supports it too. 
-If you do not have the compression (bzip2) and decompression (bunzip2) software, here it is for [[http://​​tools/​bzip2-102-x86-win32.exe|Windows]],​ [[http://​​tools/​bzip2-103-x86-linux26|Linux]],​ and [[http://​​tools/​bzip2-100-sparc-solaris7|Solaris]]. Here is the [[http://​​tools/​bzip2-1.0.3.tar|source tarball]]. Bzip2 is also contained in the MINIX 3 distribution. 
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