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The MINIX 3 Road Map

Here is the (tentative) MINIX 3 roadmap. It shows the things people are working on or we would like people to be working on. The projects are divided into three rough categories. Near-term projects are well under way and should be completed within a matter of months. Medium-term projects are just getting started and might take longer or shouldn't take that long once a volunteer is found. Long-term projects will take at least 6 months, probably more, before being finished.

An asterisk (*) after a feature name means that somebody is currently working on it. If you want to take on an unassigned project, first post to query to the Google newsgroup to see if anyone else is interesting in working with you.

If there are projects not on this list that you would like done, please add them to the Wishlist. Even better, would be to do the project yourself and then announce it.


  • System - GUI: Implementing (porting modular X) Xorg (*)
    • Adding support for many more video cards (*)
  • Development: Enhancing the modularity/dependability (ex: isolation profiles, component restart)
  • Development: Fixing usability
  • Development: Enhancing documentation (including this wiki)


  • Runtime: Implementing a multicore kernel (*)
  • Runtime: Implementing a tickless kernel
  • Runtime: Implementing Kernel threads
  • Development: Implementing performance monitoring (do tools)
  • Development: Implementing bandwidth usage monitoring for real-time applications
  • Development: Implementing stress testing
  • Portability: Porting MINIX 3 to other embedded systems. ex: PowerPC
  • Portability: Porting MINIX 3 to lowcost computer. ex: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)


  • Runtime: FUSE file system (*)
  • Runtime: FAT-16 file system
  • Runtime: Kaffe
  • Front office: Firefox


  • Put u-boot on our git repository (we changed the default configuration)
  • Add some form of version management for u-boot (sha1sum based?)

Developer satisfaction

  • test setup
    • Run a selected amount of test on the emulator and bare hardware
  • Write more tests
  • ARM: Fixing tests
  • ARM: go over skipped tests on ARM again


  • publish sd-images and iso's on website for every master build.
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