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Load aware effeective scheduler for multicore Minix

A master student implemented frequency scaling driver for our development platforms and evaluated and in-house LwIP based multi-component network stack, however, the benchmarked scenarios were configured statically. Our goal is to take this project farther and add a load aware scheduler which can dynamically scale frequencies of individual cores and migrate system processes between core so that we deliver the best performance required for the current load while using the least resources. We are not only interested in the current load of a CPU. Since Minix is multi-server/driver system, each request is handled by a set of components. A fast component on a fast core may keep overloading a slow component. We need to monitor their communication and find a good performance/resource utilization

The task is:

  • design and implement probes that would allow a scheduler to make decisions based on load requirements
  • design and implement and evaluate the scheduling algorithms
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